[jsword-devel] Program installer and install package

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 14:02:50 +0100

Hi Joe !

When you were out of office (??), we had two problems with release of 
JSword that is on site. Would it be possible to creatre one working version 
so that people can check it out?
Once you talked about switching Installer, I have taken a look at WinAmp 
installer and it's quite ok. Before you do this, we need to also talk about 
few changes in structure of whole installer package. It would be great to 
have a local directory where bibles are stored (this is easy done), and our 
JSword must not look for other instalation and "steal" bibles and 
*configuration* data from them. Also maybe we should put one bible in the 
package so that user can start using it, after instalation... I have 
already made changes to jsword.bat and I also made simple installer script 
(you must make some changes though) for NSIS (Nulsoft Simple Install 
Script). There is also that nifty feature that installer can detect if JVM 
is installed, and if not download it and install it (I haven't tried this 
one yet).

Next thing, it would be nice if we could change configuration, so that 
several paths with bibles could be entered. This is just and idea, but it 
would be nice, if we could use bibles from all instalation, we have one 
default bible path and some others... When we install, we of course install 
into default directory...

I know this is quite a lot of stuff, but some of this could be considered 
urgent (new install package), if you wish i can send what I have so far...

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