[jsword-devel] [Fwd: [sword-support] error message from jsword mac os 10.3.2]

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 27 Jan 2004 14:13:12 +0100

At 27.1.2004, you wrote:
>It seems that Joe is away for the time being.  I would encourage anyone 
>interested in this issue to consult the jsword-devel archives, as this 
>issue pops up fairly frequently (I believe Joe has a standard response 
>along the lines of "this is a known bug").
>You might try starting JSword using the batch file/shell script 
>appropriate for your particular system; I think they're in the bin/ 

This is install shield problem. Some time ago Joe mentioned, using NullSoft 
Installer system, only problem is that this is only for windows, for unix 
and other we can create simple tar.bz archive only...

It would be great if we could make new version of JSword and put it into 
site, instead of current version...


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