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Mon, 12 Jan 2004 21:19:37 +0100

At 1/11/2004, you wrote:
> >>I am not sure whether zipping would be useful, since I think it would be
> >>good to be able to do random access in the file. And the memory
> >> limitation
> >>is not as much "disk" space (i.e. memory stick, 128MB in my case), but
> >>more the RAM. Reading a whole book at once does not seem like an option
> >> to
> >>me.
> >
> > Hi Eric!
> >
> > Java has a nifty class called Properties. We could create index with it,
> > which would make loading very easy. Java can implement LineReader class
> > whicg works with Streams, so we could easiliy read from files. For example
> > Jn 1, 12-30 (John... I don't know official abvbrev,. since my langauge
> > uses
> > different Letters..), we would read property Jn, which would display file,
> > then Jn1-12, which would point us to line 12 of chapter 1 of John
> > Evangelium, next line has one line more, etc, etc... Ram usage would be
> > minimal.
>Aren't Properties read all at once, using load()? That would mean, that
>all properties, i.e. the whole bible, would be read at once and stored in
>memory, which is not suitable for a P800.

Yes. But bible would be plain text files.. Properties would be used for 
index only...

> > I can't tell you how it;s done now, but I think that on each query XML
> > parser is called and text parsed, to get the results...
>Since parsing an XML file would be done by starting at the beginning, and
>scanning through the file until you find the location you were looking
>for, this does not seem fast enough, at least on a slower device.
>I have to say that I like the compressed format of Stephen *a lot*,
>perhaps enhanced for extra info that is now encoded in XML.

I didn't plan to do xml parser. I was looking for sollution similar to 
Spehen's, but plain text, no decoding of bible or anything. Stephen 
implemented some coding style which uses less data, I was working toward 
normal text format bible, that is in jar (so it's compressed to 1.5 Mb), 
and is much easer to access...

Take care,

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