[jsword-devel] Bible in Text Format and Problem with OSIS or not

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 20:56:13 +0100

Hi (Joe) and others!

I have tried working on Bible in Plain Text, but I have came accross one 
slight problem. All data I get from bible (it's KVM that comes with starter 
pack on SWORD - Windows) is corrupted. Here are two samples, forst is plain 
text, another is syled text (as returned by API Primer):

<html ="http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40"><body><h2>Gen 1:11</h2><font 
f" color="gray" size="-1"><a name="1.1.11">11</a></font><font face="Serif" 
"+1"><a href="dict:0430">And God</a><a href="dict:0559">said</a>, <a 
0776">Let the earth</a><a href="dict:01876">bring forth</a><a 
grass</a>, <a href="dict:06212">the herb</a><a href="dict:02232">yielding</a><a
href="dict:02233">seed</a>, <span class="transChange">and</span><a 
529">the fruit</a><a href="dict:06086">tree</a><a 
<a href="dict:06529">fruit</a><a href="dict:04327">after his kind</a>, <a 
dict:0834">whose</a><a href="dict:02233">seed</a><span 
pan><a href="dict:0776">in itself, upon the earth</a>: and it was 
so.  </font><p
 ></p>note<a name="N10049"><a href="#1.1.11"></a></a> grass: Heb. tender 

1_11=And Godsaid, Let the earthbring forthgrass, the herbyieldingseed, 
andthe fruittreeyieldingfruitafter his kind, whoseseedisin itself, upon the 
earth: and it was so. grass: Heb. tender grass

As you can see there are few problem, which are reflected later on in 
JSword, where nothing is displayed correctly... Has somebody the same 
problem, or am I alone out here. Problem is that where </a> is there should 
be one space, so that words and sentences could be displayed correctlly.

For all PlainBible Text users (for Personal Java), I managed to convert 
whole bible (except the problem I told you about), size is about 1.5 Mb 

I will try some other bible, to see if problem persists...


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