[jsword-devel] PersonalJava version of JSword

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 23:30:42 +0100

At 1/7/2004, you wrote:
> > jaxb - the more i think about it this is going to be a killer - getting
> > this to work on PJ is a fair old task, probably best to see if JaxME
> > (Apache incubator project) will do the job.
>I am wondering anyway whether it would be efficient for PersonalJava to
>have the whole bible stored as a single XML document, that is parsed
>(either as a tree or using events). I would think that treating each verse
>as a document would require less parsing, and only the required verses
>need to be read from "disk".
>Good to see that all the other libraries are not required.
> > A while ago we had a system to abstract away the dependency on JAXB, but
> > the abstraction system became a burden so we made a decision to drop it.
> > I don't regret that decision, because the system is better for it. I
> > don't think we had any choice really.
>I think I would have done the same :)

It would be wise, to not use XML. We could put all text files into jar, 
since it's read only this wouldn't be problem. I haven't take a look at 
OSIS, but it uses XML, which needs about 3 Mb's of libraries and quite a 
lot of CPU... We could create application which will create text files and 
put them into jar file, which you can download and install, just like any 
sword package... I will make test how to do this in next few days, and I 
will tell you the results...but first I must see how OSIS works...


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