[jsword-devel] PersonalJava version of JSword

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Tue, 06 Jan 2004 21:49:21 +0100

At 1/5/2004, you wrote:

Hi !

I am Andy and I will try to answer that for you, you will get more detailed 
info from Joe.

JSword uses quite a lot of libraries, you would have to have place for all 
of them (about 5M, maye little less) , and of course you would need osis 
classes (1.2 Mb) and of course JSword.

You would probably have to rewrite jsword.view.swing.desktop... Here is 
most of the GUI. You would probably have to use awt or special graphical 
classes, right? I think that quite a lot of code would have to be rewriten. 
You must keep in mind that bible is very big about 3mb compressed... We 
could rewrite application to use text files (only this) so some of code 
would not be needed and most of libraries (which deal with xml), osis would 
also not be needed.

It would be quite some of work...

Should be intersting.

You will get more detailed info from Joe, since I am quite new and I don't 
know where everything is, yet...


>In the archives of this list I saw a discussion about the possibility of
>porting JSword to portable devices, such as a SonyEricsson P800. I have
>such a device, and since there is no (free and good) bible software
>available for it, JSword could be interesting for me.
>However, the P800 runs PersonalJava. It is comparable to JDK 1.1.8, with
>some small extensions. But it definitively does not support Swing
>(although it could be added, but that would be far from ideal).
>I had a look at the interfaces, and it seemed to me that there were
>relations between some interfaces. I.e. BookData refers to a (generated?)
>Osis class.
>I would not mind putting *some* effort into making some sort of port of
>JSword to PersonalJava, if it does not require a major rewrite of large
>parts of the code.
>Which interfaces should be re-implemented? Any tips? Any ideas about how
>feasible this would be?
>O yes, the P800 has something like 8MB RAM available, and can store files
>on a MemoryStick (I have 128MB). So it would be good to have as little
>book-data in memory as necessary, since it may fill up the 8MB quickly...
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