[jsword-devel] Program installer and install package

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 16:50:53 +0100

At 1.2.2004, you wrote:

>Sounds good.
>I wondered if this might help anywhere?
>They are refactoring the tomcat startup scripts out of tomcat.
>It wouldn't give you an uninstaller I suppose...
>My other idea might not be much use: It occurred to me that the people 
>running irate.sf.net (a java based music player/collaborative rating 
>system) might have some clues as to how to get java installers working.

Hi Joe and Mark !

It's nice to use java installer, but you must have java first, so this 
would be no use for people who would like to install our application 
without having any prior java instalation... or prior java knowledge...

Mark I will send you what I have so far, and what you need to download and 
install to create working sollution. I made package without JVM, but I have 
some pointers as to what to do to create package with JVM...


>Mark Goodwin wrote:
>>Ok; having tried to fix the IA installers, I've come to the conclusion
>>that it's a waste of time;  ZeroG are not releasing a 'Now!' edition of
>>the latest version of InstallAnywhere, and the last release has bugs
>>that will affect many users (most notably that the installer fails on
>>machines running Fedora Core 1 due to new CLI args to the 'head'
>>utility).  Also, I can't resolve the issue Joe encountered.
>>I propose we do the following: 1) Andy has already done some work with 
>>NSIS; I suggest we use that as
>>the basis for our Windows installer.
>>2) I will create some installation scripts for the Unix users -
>>something along the same lines of the IA Now! VM-less installers won't
>>be hard to do.
>>3) I will fix the JNLP problems so people can install via Web Start.
>>I think this covers all bases; users of OS X should have access to Web
>>Start (It's definitely shipped with Panther), Unix users can either use
>>Web Start or my installer, and Windows users can use Web Start and
>>Andy's NSIS installer.
>>What do you all think?
>>On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 13:20, Mark Goodwin wrote:

>>>I'm actually (as we speak) working on fixing the InstallAnywhere
>>>NSIS (the nullsoft winamp installer) is fine (I've used it before), but
>>>doesn't help us Linux and Mac users...
>>>By the way, InstallAnywhere allows you to package a JRE with the
>>>installer for users without a runtime installed.
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