[jsword-devel] osis and jaxb

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 19:42:24 +0000

Eric Galluzzo wrote:

>On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 04:59, Joe Walker wrote:
>>>Sounds reasonable, although I usually distrust autogenerated bindings
>>>(or autogenerated anything else) until I've seen how good they are. :)
>>The good thing about jaxb is that you can give the schema compiler a 
>>binding customization document. So we ought to be able to get just what 
>>we want.
>Fair enough; that sounds great.
>Have you thought about using something more lightweight, like Digester
>from Jakarta Commons (http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/digester.html)? 
>I have no idea which is actually better suited to this task; I just
>thought I'd bring up the alternative in case you had not considered it.
I'm not expert but I think digester is better if you want to parse a 
config file where you just want simple access to some well known places 
in an xml file. It doesn't deal with creating a DOM type model which we 
I had a very quick look at Quick, Jato and Castor. The former wouldn't 
do XSchema, the latter 2 seemed to be as good as JAXB, but I didn't have 
agood reason to prefer them, so JAXB won by default because I thought it 
was more likely to be better integrated with other parts of the JDK in 
the future.
But please shout if you think that is wrong!

>A zip file containing the XSLT stylesheet (html.xsl), an accompanying
>CSS stylesheet (osis.css), and a shell script to generate HTML
>(bin/generate) is attached.  (Sorry, I haven't made an Ant script yet.) 
>Note that this stylesheet currently only works for Bibles and lexicons. 
>It should also theoretically work for dictionaries and morphologies, but
>I haven't tried it.  It definitely does not work for general works like
>the Summa Theologica, but I'm working on that. :)  In addition, you will
>need to download Xalan 2.4 from http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/ and put
>the xalan.jar and xercesImpl.jar in a lib/ directory inside the
>osis-xslt/ directory before running the generate script.
Thanks, I'll use that to generate by views.
I may need to merge the css into the xsl - I suspect that the swing HTML 
component doesn't do css, but otherwise it looks great.
I'd like to be able to offer several .xsls to the user can pick the look 
they like best.

>Is there any area that I could help out with?  I don't have a huge
>amount of free time, but I'm sure I could help out with some small stuff
>to get started, at least. :)
My usual answer is "yes" what are you interested in? Because I think 
people do a better job of something they are fired up about.
The bit of code I'd most like someone else to champion would be the 
swing UI, but like I said - it's more up to you.