[jsword-devel] New Developer

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 11:42:33 +0000

Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:
>>>>> - Status bar, text is resizing whole status bar. Status bar 
>>>>> elements are not the same size (borders)
>>>> I'm not seeing this - I do get the status bar adjusting the space it 
>>>> gives to elements within itself, but then whole thing stays the same 
>>>> size.
>>> Reallly? Try going to different items (which should print some text 
>>> in status) now this resizes everything...
>> Not here. Tried on XP and 2K. What are you on?
> XP on Java 1.4.1

I'm on jdk 1.4.2 which might make a difference.
I've tried changing XP themes, but that makes no difference.

Just to be clear are you talking about the height of the status bar 
changing, or just the width of the items within the status bar.

>>>>> Nifty things to be done:
>>>>> - i18n
> I am sending you how I have done it before.... I have changed two 
> classes for now... I18nControl is file that accesses one file for 
> language (just one), this singelton instance, which means that is only 
> initialized once, and only one instance is present through running of 
> whole program...
> I am sending 4 files. JSword_EN.properties (put into ./resource), 
> I18nControl.java (into common/org/crosswire/common/resource) and two 
> samples (into jsword/org/crosswire/jsword/view/swing/desktop) 
> AboutPane.java, BlurAction.java

Thanks for the code.
The issue that I have with it is:
- it doesn't make things any more i18n-able
- it make life harder for English developers

Take a look in org.crosswire.common.util.MsgBase - you'll see that 
before we actually display the text of any message we check to see if we 
should i18n it.

The approach is there because developers are lazy, and will often not 
bother with i18n becuase it is not immediately apparent to them why. So 
Msg is there to make it as easy as possible for the majority, whilst 
allowing i18n work later.


> Here is the code to activate SkinLF.
> com.l2fprod.gui.plaf.skin.SkinLookAndFeel.setSkin(com.l2fprod.gui.plaf.skin.SkinLookAndFeel.loadThemePack("./aquathemepack.zip")); 
> com.l2fprod.gui.plaf.skin.SkinLookAndFeel.enable();

That doesn't work very well with the PLAF system as designed by Sun. The 
idea is that you can use a new PLAF without needing to hardcode your app.
Are you sure there is no better way to use it?

>>>>> - Help (this could be done with JavaHelp)
>>>> Or even a Book! I think the core job of displaying and searching 
>>>> Bible data is very similar to JavaHelp's job.
>>> Yes it is. We could probably use JavaHelp to display bible (with some 
>>> modifications)
>> I think HTML is a much more broadly understood standard, and it allows 
>> us to output to the web rather than a Swing JEditorPane too.
> To Web? I am sorry I didn't understand this...

There are servlets that use the jsword engine to produce a website.
HTML output is very helpful for this.

 > Will you use JavaHelp or not?

I'm not sure there is a benefit to it at the moment.