[jsword-devel] Sword drivers

Mark Goodwin jsword-devel@crosswire.org
16 Oct 2002 20:19:33 +0100

On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 17:58, Mark Goodwin wrote:
> Hello people.
> Plain text Sword drivers are now working.

I should perhaps add that whilst the plain text drivers work, they are
not complete....

We're still missing useful implementations of findPassage, getStartsWith
and listWords.  This means that searches do not work on sword modules. 
I've not taken a look at what's involved in implementing this

Also, there's currently no support for locked, or compressed Sword
modules.  Compressed sword modules may be compressed with either Zip, or
LZSS compression.  There is support (as you all know) for zip files in
the java.util.zip package, for LZSS, I found this:


I've not checked out the license or the code yet, but it features on a
page of "Open Source" programs.  The license may, or may not be GPL
compatible, and the code may, or may not be any good.

I've not looked at locked modules yet, Perhaps Troy could point us in
the direction of some documentation for these?

Finally, it would be good if we could write Sword modules as well.

So then, there's lots of work still to be done.  Unfortunately I won't
have time to do much for at least the next week and a half.  Hopefully
the information above is helpful to someone who will ;-)