[jsword-devel] Sword drivers

Mark Goodwin jsword-devel@crosswire.org
16 Oct 2002 17:58:33 +0100

Hello people.

Plain text Sword drivers are now working.

The old Sword drivers, although very elegant were very broken (so
broken, in fact that I suspect the Sword module format must have
changed). Rather than figure out why, I just re-implemented the file
position calculation stuff using LUTs shamelessly stolen from cannon.h
in Sword (thanks Troy!).

It's worked fine with every Bible I've tried so far, but please note any
Bible that contains non plain text (i.e. marginal notes / Strong's
references) will just display the additional data as if it was part of
the Bible.  This can be fixed later (perhaps by someone who knows what
this markup means).

I had to make some changes to ensure Configs are created and loaded
before the SDI displays to ensure BibleDrivers were correctly configured
before they were used. I've not yet replaced the splash.setProgress
stuff because there was lots of work involved, and the configs seem to
create and load quickly.  If people think this needs doing I'll go over
all the code in Desktop.java changing numbers...

If you want to try this stuff out, you'll need to grab the latest
version from CVS (options don't yet work on JNLP builds, and you need
options to set your sword root, so JNLP stuff isn't updated yet).

Have fun with all those new versions!