[jsword-devel] JSword for the masses (Part 2)

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Fri, 11 Oct 2002 23:50:48 +1000

ok, tried a new cvs pull, and then produced:

[Wildlands:~/CVS/jsword-cvs] nicc% ant
Buildfile: build.xml

      [echo] Building to: target/ant


      [echo] Compiling common
     [mkdir] Created dir:  
     [javac] Compiling 86 source files to  
      [copy] Copying 12 files to  

      [echo] Compiling jsword
     [mkdir] Created dir:  
desktop/Desktop.java:286: cannot resolve symbol
     [javac] symbol  : method setRollover  (boolean)
     [javac] location: class javax.swing.JToolBar
     [javac]         pnl_tbar.setRollover(true);
     [javac]                 ^
DemoServlet.java:112: encode(java.lang.String) in java.net.URLEncoder  
cannot be applied to (java.lang.String,java.lang.String)
     [javac]                     String link =  
URLEncoder.encode(waiting.getName(), "UTF-8");
     [javac]                                             ^
     [javac] 2 errors

file:/Users/nicc/CVS/jsword-cvs/build.xml:76: Compile failed; see the  
compiler error output for details.

Total time: 28 seconds
[Wildlands:~/CVS/jsword-cvs] nicc%

does that help at all?  lost all my javadocs recently so have to find  
them again and then can have a look at the above problems, but am going  
to bed now...  :)

nic...  :)

On Friday, Oct 11, 2002, at 17:32 Australia/Sydney, Mark Goodwin wrote:

> JSword *shouldn't* be tied to 1.4 - I'm told it should be easy to get
> working on 1.2.x, so perhaps I'll have a look at that.  This is
> something people shoild bear in mind when coding / testing - if poss.
> run a test on 1.2 before you do a CVS check-in, that way things don't
> get too broken.
> MarkG

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