[jsword-devel] JNLP and stuff

Joe Walker jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Sun, 06 Oct 2002 09:57:37 +0100

Mark wrote:

>I've been thinking about the versions loading stuff this morning.  It
>occurs to me that deploying versions in signed JARs with the rest of the
>JNLP distribution is possibly not the best way of getting the Bible data
>to the user across a network / the internet (although I'll continue on
>this tack so we've got something for non-technical testers to work
How about this idea:
Get create a new BibleDriver called ServletBibleDriver where the 
implementations of the various methods basically go:
And then we copy the web jsword front-end to remove all the formatting 
and bingo - Very fast downloads because we leave the data on the server.

We could even create ServletBibleDriver as a child of SerBibleDriver so 
that it caches the results as it gets them, and even continue doing a 
download in the background to get the best of both worlds - very fast 
startup time and (eventual) off-line use. Initially it would probably be 
best to keep things simple though.

I had a conversation with Troy a while ago about a SOAP version of the 
C++ engine, perhaps we should consider using SOAP as the basis for this 
rather than HTTP. How is that project coming on Troy?