[jsword-devel] JNLP and stuff

Mark Goodwin jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
05 Oct 2002 09:51:37 +0100

I spent a bit of time last night working on the JNLP / Webstart stuff.
I've not committed stuff because I've not finished, and there's some
things I want to run by people first.

1) I'm not going to add the keystore to cvs (if we do ever get a proper
certificate, it would be silly to make the keystore and the associated
password / alias info publicly available for obvious reasons, so why
start now?) - this means I'll be putting all the keystore path / alias /
passwd info as properties, and making the jar.sign target do nothing if
these aren't set.

2) What do we do about 'other' jars (i.e. no jsword.jar).  These are not
currently signed by the ant build, but probably should be - there's
really no reason to put signed jars in CVS - they're useless to people
without the keystore anyway.

3) The NetUtil.getURLAsFile(URL) method can't use a
Resouce.getTempworkingDir() style method - Resource belongs to jsword
package, NetUtil is in common.  At present I've implemented getURLAsFile
using File.CreateTempFile so it uses the system temp folder -  this
willl do for the time being, but perhaps we should provide a project
agnostic interface under $blah.jsword.common for obtaining commonly
neaded things (like tempWorkingDirs, property files) which is
implemented by $blah.jsword.Resource?  Just a thought.

I think that's about it...

I'll hack away at the ser bible stuff until I've got something that
works (prob tonight - busy during the day).  I'm not clear on some of
the design details yet, so I'll put it on a branch for Joe (or others)
to check over before I merge to the trunk.