[jsword-devel] ModEdit tools 1.0.1

Troy A. Griffitts jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 19:34:20 -0700

Updated ModEdit.jar is available that fixes problems with the ' 
character and has improved guessing logic.

We have 1 GREEN SQUARE on the stats page!  Does Matthew win a prize?

Keith Ralston, are you still having troubles?  Re: Luke, I've done the 
first 10 verses.  Why don't you have a look and see if I'm making bad 
decisions (in your ModEdit.properties file you can turn localKJV= false 
or true to hit the server or your local work).  I still feel like it 
might take me forever to get thru Luke, so let me know if you REALLY 
would like it :)