[jsword-devel] Updates

Troy A. Griffitts jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 20:07:45 -0700

	What do we do about modules?  We don't keep them in cvs.  We have a 
public site for downloads which is actually served with our old version 
of jsword.  And we have a beta site for untested modules.  The public 
site jsps will instantiate an SWMgr object to read an install set of 
sword modules and asking it for config info about the install set.  Not 
sure how much of that code you guys salvaged, but you can look at the 
ugly source code of our jsp's to see the calls to the jsword api at:


There's usually a link at the bottom of our jsps that will show you the 
source for that jsp.

I personally have a module set installed on my computer for the version 
of the sword client that I use.  So when I develop, my test programs 
find all those modules.

Hope this helps and is for what you asked.


Keith Ralston wrote:
> Agreed.  Long term, all the sword modules should be the same and come from
> the crosswire site.  We do need a development copy to stay with the source
> code.  I think maybe we should begin to consider a successful build as one
> that runs with the development text.
> Troy, what do you guys do with the Sword builds?
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> Keith wrote (some time ago):
>>ZIP files and JAR files are all the same to CVS.  Having the file there
>>would let us have one place for everything.
> And Mark said something similar, so I've added it to CVS. But I think it
> should only be a short term thing. Long term the place for versions is not
> CVS, it is FTP.
> Joe.