[jsword-devel] ProjectB Primer (part 2)

Joe Walker jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:55:01 +0100

ProjectB Primer part 2: The downside

So I've sold ProjectB, to be totally honest I guess I ought to document what
I think are the bad bits. So ...

I did a bit of re factoring recently (that I've not uploaded to sourceforge
yet) that will have made some of the UIs a bit out of date

The Sword support is patchy. It *used* to work fine, but it was never as
cared for as much the ProjectB modules, so it may need a tweak to 2 to get
up to scratch. Searching using Sword modules has never worked.

There used to be fairly complete support for converting modules from one
format to another (e.g. to convert Sword format to ProjectB format) however
this has not been used for a while and has probably rotted a bit.

Support for anything other that Bible text is very new, so commentaries and
such are supported by design, but not by finished code. I don't expect there
will be much to do to patch the gap.

There are a few small cases where packages are not properly named and where
classes use bits they shouldn't, but nothing serious.

There are bugs. I use ProjectB without ever hitting a bug, but that is
probably because I've fixed all the bugs I use. It is not up to release

It can be hard to setup. The stuff on sourceforge should be OK if you want
to look at the code in general, and have a go at getting it working. I will
be working on getting the re-factorings I have done ready for a new release
in mid next week.