[jsword-devel] UML

Bobby Nations jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 09:24:57 -0500


Yes, UML would be helpful.  At one time, Keith Ralston 
(rkralston@yahoo.com) was doing some reverse engineering of UML diagrams 
for the existing sword codebase for use in JSword.  I'm not sure what 
came out of his effort, however.



Mike Dougherty wrote:

>I took a look at the todo list. And I have Just a couple quick
>1) Has any body modeled out the project and plans at all?
>2) Does anyone think it would be helpful to have UML diagrams of both
>JSword and ProjectB?
>I'm slowly becoming attracted to UML. But I don't want to push it just
>because I think it's cool and invaluable.