[jsword-devel] JSword list

Troy A. Griffitts jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Tue, 09 Apr 2002 05:05:47 -0700

> We still need a place to put the work.  Troy, are we going to use
> Crosswire resources or SourceForge?  Perhaps this should be the first
> todo on the list.

I'll split the jsword repository off so we can admin it separately from
the sword repository.  Definitely would like to host the project on
CrossWire's hardware.

> It appears the most popular approach is to take the 1.5.3 and "port" it
> to Java.  Once that is done, refactoring can begin.  The only one really
> impacted by this will be Joe at Project B if he decides to use the
> JSword engine.  I'm comfortable with this approach.

I'm obviously most comfortable with this approach, but comfortable might
not be the best route :)  Me and Joe are gonna have 3 days together, in
a week or so to sit down face to face and talk about this stuff.  I'm
hoping for a cool, in person demo of ProjectB and vice versa, and I'm
sure we'll have good stuff to report back to everyone.

> Once an initial port is done, the two projects will need to run in
> parallel; i.e., JSword can't be ported each time Sword is released.


> As soon as we have resources in place, we can pool what work has been
> done and fill in the todo list a little more.  Is anyone aware of items
> on the list that are not in work somewhere else?  Perhaps everyone who
> has been working on a module could add their name to the todo list?
> This would let us newbies know where to get started.

In case anyone hasn't seen the current todo list to port the sword code
to jsword, it's somewhere near:


Glad you guys are all so anxious!  Looking forward to getting something
working functional soon!